'Crocodile' Dundee (1986)

1. The ‘wild’ buffalo that was hypnotised by Mick Dundee was drugged prior to filming.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

1. If you increment each letter of ‘HAL’ you get ‘IBM’. 'Arthur C Clarke' (co-screenwriter) claimed this was unintentional, and that if he had noticed it before it was too late, he would have changed it.

2. HAL sings ‘Daisy’ as he is shut down, which was the first ever song played by a non-mechanical computer.

28 Days Later... (2002)

1. The exteriors of the streets of London were shot in the early hours of the morning on weekdays. The crew only had a couple of minutes each day, and crew members had to politely ask clubbers not to walk onto the streets. Danny Boyle said that he used topless girls to persuade male drivers not to drive on the streets where they were shooting, to keep them free of traffic.

2. The language spoken by the jet pilots in the end is Finnish. The pilot says, "Would you send a helicopter."

3. Selena hacks off Mark's arm before killing him (hard to spot and noted by Danny Boyle on the DVD audio commentary).

4. The plane used in the film flew from Blackpool to the location in the lakes. It took the crew hours to make the same journey, but it took the pilot less than six minutes and cost £6,000 in fuel.

5. The hospital in the film is a real day hospital and is not open at weekends. The trust managers of the hospital hire out the hospital for weekends so the filmmakers paid them directly which benefited the finances of this public hospital.

6. The tower block where Hannah and her father lived was condemned and has now been demolished.

7. The tunnel scene was filmed in a new tunnel extension which the filmmakers had special permission to use.

8. Police allowed a stretch of the M1 motorway to be closed for a few minutes at a time for the scene where you see a long desolate stretch of road.

9. The whole film was made using digital cameras to give it the really real look. An added benefit of this was the London shots could be set up and executed much quicker than otherwise possible which helped the filmmakers exploit very tight time windows to complete the scenes of an empty London.

10. The only words spoken by an infected person in the movie are, "I hate you," said by the boy in the cheeseburger stand right before Jim kills him.

11. The angelic song that plays in the background particularly during the car trip is called "In Paradisum" (Latin for "In Paradise") from Fauré's "Requiem". The English translation of the lyric is: "May angels lead you into paradise, martyrs receive you at your arrival and bring you to the holy city Jerusalem. May the choir of angels receive you and with Lazarus, once a pauper, may you have eternal rest."

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

1. Universal Studios had two different scripts commissioned. The first script featured Vin Diesel's character while the second script did not in case he decided not to return.

2. The cars Brain races against at the beginning are the same models that won the major races in The Fast and the Furious (2001) and they reach the bridge in reverse order of their appearance in the first movie.

3. The scene near the end of the movie where the blue Camaro is driven onto the boat was filmed at Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne. A new fishing pier was built by the movie crew to provide the ramp and a Camaro was prepared with the engine and all fuel and brake lines removed and the vehicle steam cleaned so no oil or gas would pollute Biscayne Bay. The plan was to film the shot several times but the first one went so well that the additional takes were cancelled.

3 Men and a Baby (1987)

1. When Jack's mother comes to visit Mary, you can see in the background what appears to be a little boy standing in a doorway. There is a rumour that this is the ghost of a little boy who died in the apartment in which the film was shot. This rumour is false, as the interiors were all shot on a sound stage in a movie studio. The ‘ghost’ is actually a cardboard cut-out of Jack wearing a tuxedo. This prop appears later in the film, when Mary's mother comes to collect her

50 First Dates (2004)    

1. In an early scene, Rob Schneider attempts a golf drive by running up to the tee before swinging. Adam Sandler says, "That's the stupidest looking swing I've ever seen." This is a joke on Sandler's character's trademark golf swing in Happy Gilmore (1996)

2. Lucy is treated at the "Callahan Institute", which Dr. Keats (Dan Aykroyd) tells Lucy's family is funded by an automotive magnate, T.B. Callahan, out of Sandusky, Ohio. In Tommy Boy (1995), Chris Farley plays Thomas Callahan III, who runs an auto parts factory in Sandusky that's being threatened with foreclosure by Dan Aykroyd's character. Tommy Boy (1995) was also directed by Peter Segal.

3. Rob Schneider's character Ula was inspired by Siope Samuela Ula Lomu, a Tongan concierge at a luxury rental property at which Schneider, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are regular visitors. Lomu has the same blinded, greyed-over left eye that Schneider's Ula has, but there's not much resemblance beyond that.

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