Cable Guy, The (1996)

1. During filming of the scene in which the Cable Guy, Jim Carrey, plays basketball, it was discovered that Carrey could barely dribble a basketball, much less make a basket. Director Ben Stiller had Carrey mime the action without a ball and visual effects technicians added the basketball in postproduction.

Carlito's Way (1993)

1. The name of Carlito's (Al Pacino's) nightclub is "El Paraiso", the same name as the taco stand that Pacino's character operated in Scarface (1983).

Carrie (1976)

1. Carrie Fisher originally cast as Carrie, but refused to do the nude scenes. She eventually swapped roles with Sissy Spacek, who was originally, cast in Star Wars (1977).

Carry On Doctor (1967)

1. Sid James spent most of his screen time in bed, as he had recently suffered a heart attack.

Casablanca (1942)

1. Rick never says “Play it again, Sam”. He says “You played it for her; you can play it for me. Play it!” Ilsa says “Play it, Sam. Play ‘As Time Goes By’”.

2. The budget was so small they couldn't use a real plane in the back ground at the airport. Instead, it is a small cardboard cut out. To give the illusion that the plane was full-sized, they used midgets to portray the crew preparing the plane for take-off.

Casino Royale (1967)

1. Peter Sellers and Orson Welles hated each other so much that the filming of the scene where both of them face each other across a gaming table actually took place on different days with a double standing in for one the actors.

Cast Away (2000)

1. When during a Q&A session on the 13th of March 2001, at the USC School of Cinema and Television director Robert Zemeckis was asked what was in the package that Tom Hanks doesn’t open. The reply was “there was a solar-powered water-proof satellite cell phone”.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

1. Until he saw the results of DiCaprio's work, the real Frank Abagnale Jr. didn't think DiCaprio was "suave" enough to play him.

2. The blackboard that Carl Hanratty is writing on toward the end of the movie contains a small note at the bottom that says, "Steven and Tom's 4th project". Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, had previously collaborated on Band of Brothers (2001), Saving Private Ryan (1998) and Joe Versus the Volcano(1990).

3. Frank Abagnale uses Barry Allen (The Flash) as an alias at one point, then another comic book character later when he is Dr. Frank Connors. Dr. Frank Connors is The Lizard in the Spider-Man comics.

4. Because Leonardo DiCaprio had to re-shoot scenes for Gangs of New York (2002), Gore Verbinski couldn't start directing this movie. The whole production was moved back a few months, but this in turn meant that James Gandolfini had to withdraw because he had to go back to work on Sopranos, The. He was replaced by Tom Hanks, while David Fincher, Cameron Crowe and Lasse Hallström were asked to direct before Steven Spielberg (who only wanted to produce the movie) took over.

5. The real Frank Abagnale Jr. cameos as the French police officer who arrests DiCaprio at the end of the film.

Chariots of Fire (1981)

1. The ‘male military band’ featured several women disguised with false moustaches.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

1. Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Christopher Walken, Nicolas Cage and Michael Keaton were all considered for the role of Willy Wonka.

2. Johnny Depp's second chocolate-based movie (the first being Chocolat (2000)). Depp doesn't like the taste of good chocolate - he prefers the cheap, Easter bunny type.

3. Martin Scorsese was at one point attached to direct.

4. A camera lens worth $540,000, wasn't properly secured when trying to get a shot of a vat of chocolate. As a result, the camera fell into the vat which destroyed it.

5. This is the fifth film that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have made together. The others are Edward Scissorhands (1990), Ed Wood (1994), Sleepy Hollow (1999), and The Corpse Bride (2005).

6. Screenwriter John August had never even seen Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) when asked by Tim Burton to write the script. After finishing the screenplay, he finally watched the 1971 version, only to be surprised at how much darker the "family film" was to his own.

7. Johnny Depp was so impressed with Freddie Highmore's performance in Finding Neverland (2004) that he convinced Tim Burton to cast him as Charlie Bucket.

Charlie's Angels (2000)

1. There is a poster for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) in the room where the two kids are playing video games as a semi-naked Drew Barrymore arrives banging on the glass door, having fallen from the bad guys house.

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)

1. Tyler Hoechlin auditioned for the part of Max.

2. Bill Murray did not reprise his role as Bosley because after the first Charlie's Angels (2000) movie he swore he would never work in another movie with Lucy Liu. The two had, reportedly, argued a lot during filming of the first movie.

3. The working title of the film was "Halo".

4. Jaclyn Smith plays "Kelly Garrett", her character from "Charlie's Angels" (1976).

5. In the weeks prior to the film's release, a series of short animated adventures featuring the voice of John Forsythe as Charlie were produced and distributed over the Internet. These adventures expand upon events shown at the start of the film.

6. Bruce Willis, who is the spokesperson for adoption, has a cameo in the film. He asked the three angels for a favour for his cameo, that they do a PSA for adoption. They (Barrymore, Lui, and Diaz) gladly did it in real life.

7. Drew Barrymore is a huge supporter of "gun control". That is why none of the "Angels" are seen using any guns in this picture.

8. When Demi Moore is standing in the doorway shooting at the speaker box, behind her are portraits of the previous actresses who were in "Charlie's Angels" (1976).

9. The address on the envelope that Pete opens at the beginning of the film gives Pete and Dylan's address as 2028 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, California, which is a valid address on the beach.

10. The house used as Lucy Liu's residence was the same house used as Jacky Trehorn's residence in The Big Lebowski (1998)

11. The 1974 red Ford Torino with a white stripe used in "Starsky and Hutch" (1975) can be seen in the opening sequence.

12. A red men's room is seen during the opening credits with the angels dressed as men. This is actually an outtake from the first Charlie's Angels (2000). The bathroom was an exact replica of the one seen in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (1980).

Chicago (2002)

1. John Travolta, Kevin Spacey, and Hugh Jackman were all considered for the role of Billy Flynn.

Madonna, Goldie Hawn, Kathy Bates, Rosie O'Donnel, Nicole Kidman Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears were all considered for roles.

3. The director wanted Catherine Zeta-Jones to wear her natural long hair in the movie, but she insisted on the short bob. She explained to People magazine that she didn't want her hair to fall over her face and give people a reason to doubt that she did all the dancing herself.

4. Deirdre Goodwin (June), Denise Faye (Annie), Taye Diggs (bandleader) and Sebastian LaCause (June's husband) were cast members of the "Chicago" revival.

5. The speech by Hunyak, translated, is: "What am I doing here? They say my famous tenant held down my husband and I chopped his head off. But it's not true. I am innocent. I don't know why Uncle Sam says I did it. I tried to explain at the police station but they didn't understand." Here it is in Hungarian, just in case: "Mit keresek én itt? Azt mondják, a híres lakóm lefogta a férjem, én meg lecsaptam a fejét. De nem igaz. Én ártatlan vagyok. Nem tudom, miért mondja Uncle Sam, hogy én tettem. Próbáltam a rendőrségen megmagyarázni, de nem értették meg."

6. Throughout the movie Billy Flynn calls John C. O'Reilly's character (Amos) "Andy" - a reference to the radio show "Amos 'n' Andy".

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

1. Dick Van Dyke's character was named for Caractacus, the last independent ruler of England before the Roman conquest of southern England.

2. Lionel Jeffries played Dick Van Dyke's father, despite the fact that Dick Van Dyke is actually the elder of the two.

3. Phil Collins claims he was one of the children storming the castle at the end of the film but was edited out because of a rather large and unsightly bandage on his head that was covering a cyst.

4. Has the distinction of being the only non-James Bond film produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman after the Bond series began.

5. The first non-Disney film to feature songs by the Sherman brothers.

6. In addition to several partial mock-ups of the car used for the purposes of filming, one real, custom-built Chitty Chitty Bang Bang automobile was constructed for the film. It survives today, privately owned, and often appears at special events. The car is street-legal and is registered as a motor vehicle in the U.K. with the same license plate seen in the film (GEN 11).

Chopper (2000)

1. Eric Bana spent 2 days living with Mark "Chopper" Read so he could get a better understanding of how to play his character in the film.

2. Mark "Chopper" Read suggested that Eric Bana play Chopper, after seeing him in the sketch comedy series Full Frontal.

City of Angels (1998)

1. This dialogue between Seth (Nicolas Cage) and Maggie - "Let's go." "Where?" "I don't care." "What will we do?" "Anything." is virtually identical to an exchange between Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman in Valley Girl (1983).

2. During the "falling" sequence near the end of the film, Seth's memories are shown. One of them is of a pregnant woman. This woman was portrayed by Elizabeth Shue, though you only see her stomach.

3. When they show shots of any of the angels, they rarely blink. Nicholas Cage actually practiced not blinking and was able to do it for several minutes by the time the film was done. However, once he became human he was able to blink all he wanted.

4. Right before the falling sequence, when Nicholas Cage is preparing to fall, the music being played are the prayers "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" recited in Polish.

5. The concept of angels moving among the living, hearing their conversations, experiencing beauty that humans rarely stop to enjoy or even notice, yet not feeling any emotion or passing any judgment, was first discussed in the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke, specifically, his collection The Duino Elegies.

6. The dedication "For Dawn" refers to producer Dawn Steel (I), who died of a brain tumour before this film's release.

7. The rooftop scene with Franz and Cage sitting on scaffolding high above the city was shot for real. Both actors were afraid of heights.

Clerks (1994)

1. Financed largely by credit cards and money borrowed from family and friends.

2. Filmed at the same store in which director Kevin Smith was working at the time.

3. The original ending showed Dante getting shot and killed during a robbery.

Cliffhanger (1993)

1. In the original cut of the film shown to test audiences, there was a forty-foot jump from one cliff to another that Stallone's character performs. This scene appears in the theatrical trailers to the film. It was cut because test audiences laughed out loud when they saw it and thought it was totally impossible. The clip of the jump was redone and used for a shorter jump off a cliff near the end of the film using computer graphics and special effects.

2. Set in Colorado, but filmed in Italy. The American Environmental Protection Agency wouldn't allow filming in America for fear of the damage that could be left by the film crew. Italy was chosen because it had spectacular mountains that are similar to the Colorado Rockies. The production crew paid a very large deposit against clean-up costs.

3. To demonstrate his faith in the safety equipment, director Renny Harlin put on a harness and flung himself out on a cable over a cliff.

4. An avid golfer, Stallone found that climbing roughed up his hands and consequently messed up his game. He had a net on the set for practice. The models he was dating complained about his rough hands.

5. Electrical storms hit during filming, knocking down five crew members. Climber Earl Wiggins was hit three times, but was only slightly injured. During a later storm, crew members had fun taking pictures of each other with their hair standing on end while the climbers pointed out the wisdom of evacuating.

6. Sneak-preview audiences saw a scene where a rabbit gets killed by gunfire. Their reaction was strong enough for Stallone to invest $100,000 of his own money to have the scene re-shot so that the rabbit escaped.

7. The credits include a message which explains that the Black Diamond harness used in the opening scene was specially modified so that it would fail.

8. The stuntman who did the air-to-air transfer (Simon Crane) actually couldn't get inside the second plane, but good editing gives the appearance that he does.

9. In the opening scene where Sarah slips from Gabe's hand had to be done several times because Sarah's glove would not slip off as desired. In order to get it to slide off director Renny Harlin had her wear a glove that was a couple of sizes too big and filled the glove with Vaseline and even then Stallone's grip was too tight and the glove almost stayed on.

10. The teddy bear that falls off the cliff in the opening scene was not scripted but was added at the last minute. Harlin liked the bear so much he bought it so that the audience would have a clear idea of what would happen and how horrific the fall was.

Clockwork Orange, A (1971)

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) (also directed by Kubrick) soundtrack highly visible in record store.

2. Kubrick deliberately made continuity errors just before the author worked out who Alex is. The dishes on the table move around and the level of wine in the glasses change between shots to give a feeling of disorientation to the viewer.

3. The film was withdrawn voluntarily by Kubrick from the United Kingdom after being criticized as too violent. Kubrick has stated that the film will be released there only after his death.

4. The film rights were sold for "a few hundred dollars", but then re-sold for a much larger amount. Before director Stanley Kubrick become involved in the film, several different casts were considered for Alex and his droogs: girls in miniskirts, old-age pensioners, and The Rolling Stones.

5. During the filming of the Ludovico scene, star Malcolm McDowell scratched one of his corneas and was temporarily blinded. He suffered cracked ribs during filming of the humiliation stage show, and he also nearly drowned when his breathing apparatus failed while being held underwater in the trough scene.

6. The snake, Basil, was introduced into the film by Kubrick when he found out McDowell had a fear of reptiles.

7. Kubrick insisted the milk in the milk dispensers were emptied, washed, and refilled every hour (the milk curdled under the studio lights).

8. To film Alex's suicide attempt from his own perspective, a Newman Sinclair camera enclosed in a custom built plastic box was thrown off a building six times until it finally landed pointing downwards. It broke the lens of the camera, but the camera survived otherwise unscathed. Kubrick later marvelled at the durability of this particular type of camera.

9. When Alex and the droogs enter the Korova Milkbar, there are many paintings on the wall, one of a naked woman. This same painting appears in The Shining (1980), also directed by Stanley Kubrick.

10. The blunt object the cat woman uses to attack Alex is a bust of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Alex's favourite composer and whose 9th Symphony accidentally becomes part of Alex's conditioning.

11. The first line the prison minister says in the film, "What's it going to be then, eh?" is also the first sentence of the novel.

12. In the book, Alex's last name is never revealed. "DeLarge" could be a reference to a line in the book in which Alex calls himself "Alexander the Large" while raping two 10-year-old girls (in the movie they are much older). However in the film, the newspaper article gives Alex's last name as "Burgess".

13. The tape that Alex removes from his stereo in order to play Beethoven bears the name of fictitious artist Goggly Gogol, mentioned later by one of the popsicle girls on the music store.

14. The book that Frank Alexander is working on when Alex and his droogs break into is home is called "A Clockwork Orange". Author Anthony Burgess uses a pun on the Malay word "Ourang." Burgess lived for several years in Malaya. The attack on his wife was based on an attack on Burgess' wife by four American GIs during WWII, which caused her to miscarry.

15. Alexander's bodyguard was played by professional bodybuilder David Prowse. Even so, he was near exhaustion after the repeated takes of him carrying Alexander and his wheelchair down the stairs.

16. Many phallic references: snake crawling between the legs of the woman in the poster, the popsicles held by the girls in the record store, the tip of Alex's walking stick, the object used by Alex to kill the woman.

17. Malcolm McDowell chose to sing "Singin' In The Rain" during the rape scene, because it was the only song he knew all the lyrics to.

18. Dim and Georgie as policemen have badge numbers 665 and 667. This makes Alex, in the middle, 666.

19. The language spoken by Alex and his droogs is author Anthony Burgess's invention, "Nadsat": a mix of English, Russian and slang. Stanley Kubrick was afraid that they had used too much of it, and that the movie would not be accessible.

20. Anthony Burgess absolutely despised Kubrick's movie - particularly because he received no money from it. When Kubrick retreated behind his castle after the movie was hysterically received, Burgess was left to deal with a movie he did not authorize, made from a book he didn't even particularly like. Years later, Burgess wrote a stage version of A Clockwork Orange where the first character to step onto the stage had a remarkable resemblance to Kubrick. The rest of the cast members then proceed to beat the Kubrick-doppelganger.

21. The writer of the book, Anthony Burgess, lived for a time in Malaysia [where his wife was beaten by four American GI's, thus giving inspiration to this story]. In Malay, the word "ourang" means man, [this is also part of the derivation of the word 'orangutan', the other half being derived from "houtan" meaning jungle] therefore, the title of the story is actually a pun on the British expression. Rather than a clockwork fruit, it is a clockwork man, which is, of course, exactly what Alex has become by the end of the film.

22. Alex's cuff links are bloody eyeballs.

23. Filming the rape scene was so difficult for the actress originally cast in the role, she quit and the part was recast.

24. This film was shot almost entirely on real locations as opposed to sets and was lit almost entirely with a Lowell Kit, a staple for film students, perhaps as a reaction against the huge apparatus needed for Kubrick's previous film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

25. This was the first film to use the Dolby Laboratory noise reduction system during its theatrical run.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

1. Jerry Garcia can be spotted in the crowd in India.

2. It is possible to see an upside down R2-D2 (from Star Wars (1977) in part of the large spacecraft that flies over Devil's Mountain. The SFX people needed more detail, and so supposedly there are many more such items, such as the shark from Jaws (1975) (also directed by Spielberg). R2-D2 is visible as Jillian first sees the mother ship up close from her hiding place in the rocks.

Clue (1985)

1. Three endings were shot, and a random one shown at each theatre. All three are included on video.

Colors (1988)

1. Producer Robert H. Solo hired real gang members as guardians as well as actors. Two of them were shot during filming.

Coming to America (1988)

1. During the airport scene there is a call over the PA system for a ‘Mr Frank Ozkerwitz’ to pick up the white courtesy phone. This is Frank Oz's real name.

2. The bums that pickup the money that the Prince (Eddie Murphy) drops are the ‘Duke Brothers’ from Trading Places (1983) (also directed by John Landis). In that movie, Billy Ray Valentine (Murphy) was responsible for The Dukes losing their fortune.

3. All characters in the barber shop (including the Caucasians) are played by Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Clint Smith and a young Cuba Gooding Jnr is sat in the barbers chair in some scenes.

4. Airport scenes in Into the Night (1985) and Coming to America (1988) have a call over the PA system for a "Mr. Frank Oznowicz" to pick up the white courtesy phone. This is Frank Oz's real name.

Commando (1985)   

1. During the scene in the shed, after Matrix cuts the soldier's arm off, he was originally supposed to hit the victim with it and tell him to shut up. This scene was edited out as being too macabre.

2. Matrix kills approximately 88 people in the film.

3. The shopping mall used is the same one that was used in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, also starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

4. The mansion used in the final shoot out between Matrix and Arius is the same mansion in the final shoot out between Axel Foley and Victor Maitland in Beverly Hills Cop (1984.

Con Air (1997)

1. Nicolas Cage's character tosses a corpse out of the plane; the body hits a beige Volvo on the ground. In The Rock, his character says he drives a beige Volvo, and in Face/Off, his character steals one after escaping from prison.

2. The Las Vegas scenes were filmed at the legendary Sands Hotel immediately prior to its demolition in late 1996.

3. According to the letter Cameron Poe received from his daughter, Jailbird flight took place on 14 July. In France, 14 July is Bastille Day, commemorating the liberation of seven inmates from a prison called Bastille.

4. Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi) says; while "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd is playing in the background: "Define irony: a bunch of idiots dancing around on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash." On October 20, 1977 Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane crashed. It was the model Convair 240.

5. Colm Meaney's key chain has a Star Trek Communicator ornament on it, a reference to his role as Chief Miles O'Brien on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

6. The song "How Do I Live" was nominated for both an Oscar as Best Original Song and a Razzie as Worst Original Song. It did not win either award.

Conan the Barbarian (1981)

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sandahl Bergman did their own stunts, as they couldn't find suitable body doubles.

2. Sandahl Bergman's character is never referred to by name during the film. The name ‘Valeria’ is given in the credits and is only mentioned in the sequel Conan The Destroyer.

3. Schwarzenegger had to tone down his workout, as his arm/chest muscles were so big that he couldn't wield a sword properly.

4. The fake blood used in the film came in the form of a concentrate which had to be mixed with water prior to use. Due to the cold weather, it was mixed with vodka (as an anti-freeze) instead. In the scenes in which the actors were supposed to spit the blood, they would swallow it instead, and then go back to the special effects man for more.

5. Although Conan and Valeria are shown together frequently throughout the movie, he only speaks five words to her in the entire film - and they're all in the first thirty seconds after they meet: "You're not a guard", and "No".

6. The Mattel Toy Company started to make some Conan action figures, but after viewing the film, the executives realized that they couldn't afford to be associated with a film with such graphic sex and violence. They gave their doll blonde hair, called him ‘He-man’, and thus created the Masters of the Universe.

7. During the scene when James Earl Jones points to one of his priestesses and she jumps to her death a women's free fall record was set at 182 feet by stunt woman Corey Jensen.

8. Conan's response to the Mongol General is an abbreviation of a real quote attributed to Gengis Khan: "The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters."

9. The script called for Conan to throw a torch into the palace's central window/balcony. Schwarzenegger missed on the first attempt, but no retake was possible as the set proceeded to burn to the ground, as intended.

Conan the Destroyer (1984)

1. Some scenes were filmed in the same location and at the same time as scenes from Dune (1984).

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

1. David Fincher and Bryan Singer were both considered to direct. Mike Myers, Ben Stiller, and Johnny Depp were all considered for the role of Chuck Baris.

2. Julia Roberts worked on the set for six days.

3. Both Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore worked for a scale salary of $250,000 as a favour to their friend, director George Clooney. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon cameoed for free.

4. The clip from the The Newlywed Game (1966) is a real clip (question: where is the strangest place you've had sex - answer: in the ass). It was long thought to be an urban legend and at one time even the host came to believe it was not real.

5. A tour guide says that her favourite television show stars Rosemary Clooney, aunt of director George Clooney.

Congo (1995)

1. Director Frank Marshall originally intended to use the computer work pioneered on Jurassic Park (1993) for the gorillas, but opted for models as the computers weren't capable of reproducing hair.

2. The "diamonds" used for the scenes during the climax of the movie were actually Herkimer Diamonds borrowed from the Herkimer Diamond Mines of Middleville, New York. They are doubly-terminated (two-ended) quartz crystals that are found in only two places in the world. They were the only gems that would look enough like diamonds and be that large.

3. The diamond that was thrown out of the balloon at the end of the movie was lost, and so could not be returned to Herkimer Diamond Mines.

Conqueror, The (1956)

1. Filmed near the site of contemporaneous nuclear testing grounds, the set was contaminated by nuclear fallout. After location shooting, much dirt from the location was transported back to Hollywood in order to match interior shooting done there. Scores of cast and crew members developed forms of cancer over the next two decades, many more than the normal percentage of a random group of this size. Quite a few died from cancer or cancer-related problems, including John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Pedro Armendariz, Agnes Moorehead, Thomas Gomez, and director Dick Powell.

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

1. Paul Newman, being the superb method actor that he is, really did eat all 50 of those eggs and got the bloated stomach to prove it.

2. Telly Savalas was originally cast as Luke, but was in Europe and refused to fly. Not able to wait for a boat journey, the producers cast Paul Newman instead.

3. Bette Davis was first offered the role of Luke's mother, but refused the bit part.

4. The score from this movie, written by Lalo Schifrin, was used for many years by ABC television affiliates as the theme music for Eyewitness News.

5. Luke's prison number (37) is a reference to the Bible - Luke 1:37.

6. In 1968 Al Primo Director of News and Public Affairs at ABC-TV owned and operated station WABC-TV in New York City secured the rights from Warner Brothers Studios for the use of the title music from the movie Cool Hand Luke as the opening theme for it's new Eyewitness News program. The Cool Hand Luke theme became so popular that other ABC-TV owned and affiliated stations also started to use the music for their Eyewitness News programs and it eventually became the standard at ABC-TV and by the mid 1970's almost 90% of the ABC-TV stations with an Eyewitness News program were using the Cool Hand Luke music

Coolie (1983)

1. While filming a fight scene, Amitabh Bachchan was seriously injured when he was thrown against a table by a screen villain. He developed internal bleeding and was hospitalized, where 17 bottles of blood had to be transfused into him to save his life.

Cop Land (1997)

1. Sylvester Stallone gained 40 pounds to add realism to his portrayal of the police officer. He also was only paid SAG minimum wages. By the time that reshoots were required, he had lost the weight again.

2. Sylvester Stallone gained the necessary weight for the role by eating a steady diet of giant pancakes served at a local pancake house.

Core, The (2003)

1. After the crash of the space shuttle Columbia, trailers for the film were recalled to remove a brief scene of a space shuttle making an emergency landing, but producers have stated that the sequence will not be removed from the actual film.

2. Rat's demands changed three times during the progression from trailers to final film. In the original trailer, he demands "I want 'Star Trek' tapes and Hot Pockets." In the recent trailer, he demands "I want 'Sponge Bob' tapes and Hot Pockets." In the final film, he settles for "I want 'Xena' tapes and Hot Pockets."

3. Unobtanium is a term used by science fiction fans (and some authors) for a substance with magical properties necessary for the plot to work.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

1. Jet Li was originally cast to play Li Mu Bai, but turned the part down to appear in Romeo Must Die (2000). The role was next offered to Hong Kong singer/actor Leon Lai but he, too, turned it down.

2. Ziyi Zhang studied calligraphy for several months along with her other training for the movie.

3. Michelle Yeoh did not speak Mandrin, and the script was presented to her phonetically with help from Mandrin-speaking crew members - her Malaysian accent can be heard throughout. Yun-Fat Chow did speak Mandarin (his first language was Cantonese) but native Mandarin speakers thought his accent strained and overdone.

4. "Crouching tiger hidden dragon" is a quote from Chinese mythology. It refers to hiding your strength from others; advice which is followed too well by the characters in the film.

5. In Chinese, Lo's name is "Little Tiger", and Jen's name is "Little Dragon".

6. The Green Destiny Sword Li Mu Bai carries translates to Green Dark World Sword - a place where the dead go. The Mu in Li Mu Bai's name translates to a kind of positive jealousy - as in wanting something but probably never getting it.

7. Taiwanese-born Hong Kong actress Qi Shu was originally cast in Ziyi Zhang's role of Jen Yu and worked on the film for several weeks until her agent pulled her from the movie to do a Pepsi commercial in Japan. She has since changed agents.

Crow, The (1994)

1. Cameron Diaz was offered the role of Shelley, but turned it down because she didn't like the script.

2. Brandon Lee died during a mishap on the set. A scene required a gun to be loaded, cocked, and then pointed at the camera. Because of the close-range of the shot, the bullets loaded had real brass caps, but no powder. After the cut, the Propsmaster (not the Armsmaster - he had left the set for the day) dry-fired the gun to get the cock off, knocking an empty cartridge into the barrel of the gun. The next scene to be filmed involving that gun was the rape of Shelly. The gun was loaded with blanks (which usually contain double or triple the powder of a normal bullet to make a loud noise). Lee entered the set carrying a bag of groceries containing an explosive blood pack. The script called for Funboy (Michael Massey) to shoot Eric Draven (Lee) as he entered the room, triggering the blood pack. The cartridge that was stuck in the barrel was blasted at Lee through the bag he was carrying, killing him. The footage of his death was destroyed without being developed. Lee is the son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who died in mysterious circumstances before completing Game of Death (1979), and that film’s plot has the lead actor killed on set.

3. The following scenes were completed after Lee's death:
        - Draven first enters the apartment after digging himself out of his grave: footage of Lee walking through an alley in the rain was digitally composed into the scene where he walks through the doorway. Computer technology added drops of water to the door frame to make the water on his back not seem out of place.
        - The shot of Draven falling from the window was made by digitally compositing Lee's face (complete with simulated blood) onto a body double.
       - The scene where Draven puts on his make-up was filmed using a double. The face in the smashed mirror was a double. The image of Draven walking towards the window with the crow on his shoulder was cut from another scene, with a computer-generated crow added.
        - When Sarah visits the apartment, we never see Draven's face as it is a double.

Cujo (1983)

1. To make the St. Bernards attack the car, animal trainers put the dog's favourite toys inside the car so the dogs would try to get them.

2. Five St. Bernards were used, one mechanical head, and a guy in a dog costume.

3. "Cujo" is an ancient Indian word meaning "unstoppable force"

Cyborg (1989)

1. All the major characters are named after guitar brand names.




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