E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

1. ET's face was modelled after poet Carl Sandburg and Albert Einstein.

2. Reese's outbid M&M's for product placement. There is a rumour that M&M's were used initially, but the company asked for them to be removed, suspecting that the film would flop.

3. The extraterrestrial's plant collection includes a triffid (from The Day of the Triffids (1962)).

4. Even though you never see Elliot’s teacher’s face, but you might recognize his voice. It is the husband of screenwriter Melissa Mathison, better known as Harrison Ford.

Enforcer, The (1976)

1. Of the five Dirty Harry movies, this is the only one in which Harry Callahan does not have a personal quote that he repeats twice during the movie.

Enter the Dragon (1973)

1. Jackie Chan appears briefly towards the end of the film in the big fight scene in the cave, where Bruce Lee breaks his neck.

Equilibrium (2002)

1. In certain scenes, the muzzle flash of the pistols and rifles fired by the Clerics and guards will reveal the Tetragrammatron insignia.

2. Grammaton Cleric wristwatch used in the film is an Android Alien watch with a black face, no maker name on the dial.

Erin Brockovich (2000)

1. During the restaurant scene where Erin (Julia Roberts) and her 3 children are dining, the waitress that takes their order is the real Erin Brockovich and the name on her name tag is ‘Julia’.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)    

1. The title is quoted from the poem Eloisa to Abelard by Alexander Pope (1688-1744). This poem was used in Kaufman's earlier project Being John Malkovich (1999).

2. Before Jim Carrey expressed interest in playing Joel, Nicolas Cage was considered for the role.

3. The original script featured a cut beginning and ending sequence that took place in the future. In the end, an older Clementine comes in to have the procedure done and a look at her screen shows that she's had the procedure done multiple times and all of them involved Joel. At the very end of the script, an older Joel calls Clementine to ask why she hasn't called, but the technicians performing the procedure erase his message. Other cuts in the original script include a montage of memories people wanted erased, including a soldier seeing his dead friend on a battlefield and a girl who was raped at a young age.

4. The memory-erasing company, Lacuna Inc., takes its name from the Latin word meaning a cavity, hollow, or dip, especially a pool or pond. Transfiguratively, lacuna comes to mean a gap, deficiency, or loss.

5. The idea came to Michel Gondry from his friend the artist Pierre Bismuth who suggested, You get a card in the mail that says. 'You have been erased from someone's memory.' Gondry took the concept to Charlie Kaufman who worked out a story.

6. A Metro North Commuter Railroad train from the New Haven line (red striped) doubled for the Long Island Railroad (which are blue striped).

7. When Clementine and Joel are in the Montauk beach house, Clementine finds an envelope that says David and Ruth Laskin. David and Ruth are the first names of Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey's assistants.

8. All of the train shots were shot onboard a real, moving, train.

9. The opening credits appear almost 20 minutes into the film, at the end of the first reel.

10. The voice whispering Montauk in the movie is actually a combination of Kate Winslet's voice echoing itself, and the voice of a worker at the production company Focus Features. Apparently, the young lady was asked to do a quick voice-over, before Winslet arrived, and it was kept in the film.

11. The movie is based on the following quote from an Alexander Pope poem: How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;

12. A sub plot dropped from the script was Mary (Kirsten Dunst) finding out that Howard made her get an abortion after they had the affair resulting in her desire to have her memory wiped.

13. Mary's surname does not appear in the credits, but her nameplate on the reception desk at Dr Mierzwiak's practice shows it as Svevo. This very unusual name is clearly a reference to Italian writer Italo Svevo (real name Ettore Schmitz, 1861-1928), who was very interested in the work of Sigmund Freud and is believed to have corresponded with him.

Evil Dead II (1987)

1. One of the books on the can that traps Ash's possessed hand is ‘A Farewell to Arms’.

2. A glove belonging to A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) villain Freddy Krueger can be seen hanging near the steps in one of the cellar scenes. This was in response to the use of The Evil Dead (1983) on a television screen in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).




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