Q (1982)

1. The title 'Q' is short for Quetzlcoatl, the Aztec god who was half reptile and half bird.

Queen of the Damned (2002)

1. Tom Cruise was initially offered to return to the role of Lestat, but he declined.

2. Aaliyah died in a plane crash shortly after principal photography was completed. Michael Rymer called in Aaliyah's brother, Rashad Haughton, to help overdubbing her voice following her death.

3. The copy of Rolling Stone that Marius throws down in front of Lestat actually was the issue published on the movie before it was released.

Quick and the Dead, The (1995)

1. A sex scene between Ellen (Sharon Stone) and Cort was shot, but Stone and director Sam Raimi decided that it wasn't a necessary part of the story. The scene was not included in the American release of the film, but international versions do include it.

2. Stone was so insistent that Leonardo DiCaprio appear in the film that she paid his salary personally.

3. All of the actors on the set in the gunfight scenes were instructed in the art of the quick draw by a stunt coordinator. Due to his limited screen time, Gene Hackman had the most opportunity to prepare his quick draw and as a result was the fastest actor on the set.

4. For obvious reasons, this is the only Sam Raimi film to date (2002) where his trademark beige 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 doesn't appear.

Quiz Show (1994)

1. Robert Redford claims that he spotted the real Charles Van Doren's acting while he was watching the show during his tenure at acting school.

2. Before filming began, Ralph Fiennes wanted to speak with Charles van Doren in person to get his accent down for the role. However, the feeling was that van Doren would not want to help with the film at all. So Fiennes and one of the film's staff drove to the town in rural Connecticut where van Doren lives. They found van Doren sitting on a chair outside his house, and Fiennes pretended to be a lost driver and asked him for directions.




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