X-Men (2000)

1. When Senator Kelly comes out of the water at the beach he walks past a hot dog vendor played by Stan Lee, creator of The X-Men comics.

X2 (2003)

1. Hugh Jackman worked with the same trainer who trained Angelina Jolie for the title role in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

2. In the bar, the TV is showing a debate on the mutant situation. One of the debaters is "Dr. Hank McCoy", which is the real name of the blue-furred behemoth, Beast. The other is Dr Sebastin Shaw. Sebastian Shaw is the leader of the Hellfire Club in the comics.

3. On Stryker's computer the follow files are listed: Guthrie, Paige (Husk) Guthrie, Samuel (Cannonball) Harada, Keniucho (known as The Silver Samurai) Kane, Garrison (Weapon X) LeBeau, Remy (Gambit) Lensherr, Eric M (Magneto) Maddicks, Artie (Artie) Madrox, Jamie (Multiple Man) Mahn, Xi'an Coy (Karma) Maximoff (2) (Wanda and Pietro, Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. Names weren't specified) McTaggart, Kevin (Proteus) Moonstar, Danielle (Moonstar) Munroe, Ororo (Storm) On another screen there were a series of folders on the computer's desktop. These folders listed some well-known individuals or places from the X-Men universe, including: Omega Red (Russian mutant super soldier) Muir Island (Scottish mutant research facility) Project Wideawake (Codename for Sentinel project) Franklin Richards (Son of Fantastic Four's Reed Richards and Sue Storm, born a mutant) Cerebro (Mutant tracking device created by Professor Xavier and Magneto)

4. Alan Cumming had to endure 8 hours of make-up to become Nightcrawler. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos' make-up took five hours to apply.

5. Professor X's wheelchair was auctioned after the first movie was finished. It was bought by a lawyer (who also works for the same law firm as Patrick Stewart's attorney). When production began, the studio realized they had no chair anymore, so the lawyer rented it back to the studio - as Stewart said in an interview - "for a significant sum".

6. In a sequence of channel-surfing, Patrick Stewart is seen on a television as Jean-Luc Picard in an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987).

7. Jean Grey's closing monologue is the same as Professor X's opening monologue in X-Men (2000).

8. Most of the cast wore contact lenses when their mutant powers were used except Halle Berry who found them unbearable to wear for extended periods of time. All her scenes were digitally enhanced when she controlled the weather.

9. In an effort to keep the ending a secret up until the movie came out, the novelization and the movie comic both have different endings.

10. Several sets for the film were not used. Some of these sets included The Danger Room, Danger Toom, and several areas in Stryker's underground bunker. One room in Stryker's underground base was going to be the setting of a Nightcrawler vs. Toad fight.

11. Director 'Brian Singer' credits the X-Men graphic novel "God Loves, Man Kills" as an influence for the script.

12. Shortly before the opening assassination attempt on the US president, a number of portraits of past assassinated presidents are featured in the background: Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and William McKinley.

xXx (2002)      

1. Vin Diesl's stuntman, Harry O'Connor(III) died when he hit a pillar of the Palacky Bridge in Prague, para-sailing during one of the actions scenes.




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