Zardoz (1974)

1. Burt Reynolds was the first choice for Zed, but he bowed out due to illness.

2. The government initially refused to allow the production team to import the guns for the movie into Ireland because of terrorist attacks occurring at the time.

Zoolander (2001)

1. The film has been banned in Malaysia because of the use of fictional Malaysian president as the subject of assassination. It has also been banned in Singapore.

2. Ben Stiller had several family members in this film: His wife Christiane Taylor (Matila), his father Jerry (Maury Ballstein), his mother Anne Meara (protestor who hits Mugatu with an egg) and his brother-in-law Mitch Winston (Director of the Informertial)

Zulu (1964)

1. This was Michael Caine's first major film role. He watched the rushes, but was so nervous that he was sick, and never watched rushes again.

2. Because the Zulus who were playing the extras in the film had never seen a movie, Stanley Baker held an outdoor screening of a Gene Autry movie for them so they would have an idea of what movies were all about.

3. The opening and closing narration is read by Richard Burton.

4. Because the film was shot in South Africa, the cast and crew were lectured on the need to refrain from fraternizing with the topless tribal dancers since the penalty for interracial sex in the country at the time was seven years hard labor.

5. In the real battle for Rourke's Drift on which this film was based, only 15 British soldiers were actually killed.

6. Because of the apartheid laws in South Africa at the time, none of the actors who portrayed the Zulu warriors were allowed to attend the premier of the movie.




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