Movie Trivia

You’ve managed to convince a studio to front up a huge sum of money to make a film. You have the cast to die for, a production team of experts and a script which may just sweep across the board at the Oscars. What’s missing? Movie Trivia, the story behind the story; the who; what; where; and whys. And how it nearly never was.

So I’ve slapped a few in this section, also some movie in-jokes is added to entertain and dazzle. Little things tucked away in the background that make some people chuckle – not everyone, just the ‘cinematic intellects’, also known as movie geeks. This is no means an extensive list, not by a long shot. So chuckle away and next time you watch any of these films, remember to try and spot them.


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and finally a HUGE TV show Trivia page as well:

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