The Store

Just pretend that there is a generic soft music playing and that annoying shop assistants are accosting you with insincere smiles and false friendships.......voila! Welcome to The Store section of Bash The Monkey. In an attempt to give my banana fund a boost, Bash The Monkey is offering extremely limited prints of drawings done by The Monkey himself (which is extremely difficult when you realise that he actually has no opposable thumbs).

Lord of The Rings - Set A

Lord of The Rings - Set B

Darth Vader - Remembrance

The Incredible Hulk TV Series - pictures coming soon

Lou Ferrigno - pictures coming soon

King Kong - pictures coming soon

The Blues Brothers - pictures coming soon

Batman - pictures coming soon


Bill & The Bride

In addition to the above prints we also do drawings on commission - including school portraits, film characters and pretty much anything else. Please contact with an image and requirements for a quote.

Also through the magic of affiliation DVDs, CD and other delights are on offer from CD-WOW.



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