The Ultimate Movie Quote Quiz


So, you think you know movies? Then try your hand at the Ultimate Movie Quote Quiz. Just click on the button below, using the right-hand mouse button, and then 'Save Target As...' to download it and enjoy! ITS BETTER TO DOWNLOAD THE QUIZ AND THAT WAY YOU CAN SAVE YOUR ANSWERS AND COME BACK TO IT ANYTIME.

Remember, some are very easy and some are dangerously hard. You'd have to have something extremely wrong with you to get them all right.

Try not to cheat! It's much more fun if you try it as a team, preferably at your place of work - don't waste your valuable leisure time, use company time instead. Plus as a team you can all look at each other pretend to know it by saying "Ahrrrgghhh......I know that! Its on the tip of my tongue" and secretly wait for someone else to fill in the answer (you know who you are, you pussies!!)

Read the notes on the second sheet (that is even more important for all you Americans out there - you'll never get them all if you ignore this piece of advice). Please feel free to distribute the quiz to all your alleged movie buff fans, but please do not alter it in any way, shape or form. If you get really stuck and are desperate for the answers, the check out the Movie Review page for a clue to where they are hidden, but only use as a last resort.

And may all your brains collapse with the stress of it all!! Let my World Domination begin!!! MUUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!



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