Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

The latest offering from Kevin Smith continues with the two characters that have appeared in all of his films to date, stoners and slackers, Jay and Silent Bob. The idea of the two stoners to be in their very own feature film was highly anticipated by the fans. Failure was not an option, and in all honesty with such a large fan base, budget and cameos by well known actors, it would be hard pressed to flop. Plus with the characters, and more importantly Kevin Smiths writing, it is not a 'Hollywood' version, sanitised and smoothed for a mainstream audience as many feared it would be.

The plot revolves around Jay and Silent Bob, still getting stoned and still hanging around the local convince store. They duo unwittingly discover that two comic characters based on them, Bluntman and Chronic, are about to be made into a movie. Unimpressed about the fact that they are receiving no royalties, and more importantly they are being slammed by the internet community, the hapless duo decide to go to Hollywood to try and stop the film getting made. From here on, the pair of misfits then spend the remainder of the movie hitchhiking to Hollywood and meeting some very strange people along the way, including Carrie Fisher as a nun and the Scooby Doo gang. Most importantly, they hook up with a group of very sexy animal rights activists, which includes Justice played by Shannon Elizabeth, who encourage the moronic twosome to ‘free’ animals from a research laboratory.

So while Jay and Silent Bob are kidnapping an orang-utan from the facility, the girls, as it turns out, are actually using the pair as a diversion while they rob diamonds from a vault next door. The inept trio, (the orang-utan has now become their friend) desperately try to make it across the country to Hollywood whilst be chased by a Federal Wildlife Marshall, played by Will Ferrell. The movie reaches its climax when the trio make it to Miramax Films are wander in and out off various film sets try to find the Bluntman And Chronic movie.

The key element of the movie is the characters are well known, and not just Jay and Silent Bob, but appearances include almost all of the characters and actors from the previous four ‘New Jersey Trilogy’ films (Don’t ask why its stilled called a trilogy, it now contains five films including this one). Popping up at various points are Dante, Randall, T.S, Broody, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Rock and a slew of people recognisable from the previous movies. Jason Mewes is very good as Jay, but in all honesty Mewes is Jay and Jay is Mewes, having only acted as Jay and no one else. Lets hope he can break out of the typecasting though and try his hand at another roles. Kevin Smith, the director, who also plays Silent Bob gives a better performance than normal, with one especially good scene where Silent Bob has a conversation with the orang-utan using only facial expressions. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck spoof themselves up well, as egotistical actors filming Good Will Hunting 2 and Chris Rock as the angry black director of Bluntman And Chronic also puts in a good turn. New members to the Smith film fold, include Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek as the real actors playing Bluntman And Chronic, and an unexpected appearance of Bluntman And Chronics’ light-sabre wielding nemesis, Cock-Knocker played very tongue-in-cheek by Mark Hamill.

Kevin Smith has always written satire well, and lays into the Movie Industry and the internet community with gusto. Here he also pokes fun at other films such as ET, Planet Of The Apes, The Fugitive, Star Wars and Scooby Doo. The whole ‘Hollywood scene’ isn’t safe from Smiths witty script. A lot of people will find this movie offensive, crude and ridiculous, but it is much funnier than most of its contemporaries, who concentrate on being just gross, outrageous or simply dumb. The material is much stronger than found in most ‘gross-out’ comedies, but it a little more main-stream than Smith is used to. Smith has said that this is the last film to have Jay and Silent Bob in it, so lets hope his next creations are equally good. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is a very fitting homage to the pair, who now end on a high note.

SCORE 7/10