The Adventures Of Pluto Nash

The Adventures Of Pluto Nash probably seemed very funny on paper but the final product is a pretty dire affair. Eddie Murphy is the aforementioned Pluto Nash and unfortunately for him this might just become one of the biggest flops of all time.

The film begins in 2087 on the moon where Pluto Nash ends up bailing his friend Antoni ĎTony Francisí Franconi (Jay Mohr) from a tight spot and ends up owning Antoniís dirty, seedy nightclub. Pluto then transforms this club into one of the hottest nightspots on the moon and renames it Club Pluto.

A mysterious mobster called Rex Crater (Alex Baldwin Ė for a brief moment anyway) wants in on the action and offers to buy out Pluto. Obviously, Pluto doesnít want to sell and have his club turned into a giant casino, so refuses.

This doesnít go down well with Rex and he dispatches his goons to make Pluto see that the offer isnít the kind that you turn down. The goons are headed by Mogan (Joe Pantoliano), whoís not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Fortunately for Pluto heís got a robot bodyguard, Bruno (Randy Quaid) whose purpose is to look after Pluto at any costs.

The final straw for Pluto is when Rex decides to blow up his club. Pluto then goes underground with Bruno and singer/waitress Dina (Rosario Dawson) to find out who exactly Rex Crater is. Fortunately he used to be a former smuggler and therefore has access to many avenues in the crime world.

His quest takes him to the far side of the moon and getting closer to the truth also means getting further into danger.

Itís not that The Adventures Of Pluto Nash is a totally bad film; itís just that it lacks a certain je ne sais quois. The cast is great and (apart from those mentioned already) also features Luis GuzmŠn, Joe Pantoliano, James Rebhorn, Peter Boyle, Pam Grier, John Cleese and Burt Young. Having said that, it doesnít matter how good your cast is, if they do not have a script worth acting then itís a pointless investment.

Even though there are a few funny moments, mostly by Randy Quaid and Jay Mohr (Eddie does have a few also to be fair) the rest of the time the jokes are stale and stereotypical. The direction and writing is very mediocre. Director Ron Underwood seems to think that taking a good cast and adding some fancy special effects will cover over the fact that the story is unexciting and dull.  

Overall, a few laughs and some glossy effects cannot rescue The Adventures Of Pluto Nash. It will probably fare better on video or DVD, but its not a really a film that will be remember for the right reasons.

Score 4/10