Freddy Got Fingered

Definitely one of the worse films ever projected on the silver screen. Totally pointless and completely ludicrous film making with very little merit at all. It’s just an excuse for over-rated attention seeker Tom Green to act a complete fool.  

The basic premise – Tom Green plays Gord Brody; a 28 year old whose still living in his parents basement and dreams of becoming an animator. He relishes in his arrested development and despite the efforts of his father (Rip Torn) to get him to move out, his still there.

Eventually he does move out and heads off to a job in Portland working in a cheese factory. After one day he manages to quit and return to the parents who were so proud when he left.

Gord then spends the rest of the film, jobless, meets wheel chair bound girl (who enjoys being caned on her paralysed legs and performing fellatio) and annoys everyone in sight (including the audience). Eventually his paraplegic nymphomaniac girlfriend (Marisa Coughlin) inspires him long enough to get a job.

Apologies for the poor synopsis of the film, but that’s all that happens really. It’s just an excuse to move Tom Green from one pitiful gross out ‘gag’ to the next with very little coherence.

Performance wise, it’s a complete shamble. Tom Green is unbelievably painful to watch – and he’s the star, director and co-writer. A trained monkey would have been more fun to watch. Rip Torn belittles himself by appearing in this and Julie Hagerty (from Airplane! fame) has probably rammed the last nail in her careers coffin with this.

With one tasteless and flat joke after another, there isn’t even any humour to be gleaned from this dire effort (and use that word loosely). Green thinks that humour comes from grossness and nothing else. There’s nothing funny about seeing an idiot masturbate a horse and an elephant, eat through an umbilical cord of a baby that they have just delivered (and then spin it around their head – just to spray people with afterbirth and blood), tongues a compound fracture of his best friend, accusing his father of incest and claiming that he ‘fingered Freddy’ (hence the title – Freddy being Gord’s straight shooting brother) and the list just painfully goes on. It’s just a mess of un-related attempts to gross out the viewer and force laughs through embarrassments.

Tom Green’s proves that there is very little that he will not do for ‘entertainment’. Unfortunately he thinks that he’s a lot funnier than he actually is and that he’s probably ‘misunderstood’, but there is no mistaking a sad jerk that’s just crying out for attention. He’s the kind of guy who makes farting sounds because he doesn’t have the skill to tell jokes. A distinct lack of wit and unbelievably annoying script didn’t help – but as Green is also the director and co-writer the blame lies with him again.

There is no justifiable reason to watch Freddy Got Fingered. Looks like the only ones who got fingered is the audience.

Score 0/10 – It’s that bad! And I cannot believe that 'Brilliant' is printed on the DVD cover!!!