Jackass : The Movie 

What the similarity between someone falling over and hurting themselves, people making themselves sick and seeing a midget skateboarding and grinding rails? Jackass. The show that makes people either cringe or burst a gut laughing - no other choices. As a result, in the inevitable scheme of things, television gets to be translated to the big screen (at the behest of a producer normally interested in making more money rather than making anything good!). This leads us to Jackass : The Movie, a film with absolutely no discernable plot or reason for being. This isn't to say that its a bad film, but if you don't like the TV show then you'll definitely hate this and obviously the opposite applies too.

All the regulars are included; Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Jason 'Wee Man' Acuņa and Preston Lacy. Others who pop in every now and then, include Henry Rollins, Tony Hawk, Brandon Dicamillo, Spike Jonze and the long suffering Jess and Phil Margera (parents of Bam).

As there is no point in commenting on either the performances (its just a bunch of guys doing stunts ranging from the slightly silly to the unbelievably idiotic) or the story (there isn't one).

The film is just an hour and a half version of the television show, so the format and contents is known to anyone who has watched the show. The stunts that are in the film include:

- tight rope walking over a pit of alligators

- golf car chases and demolition derby

- hiring a rental car and then trashing it

- firing fireworks out of you arse cheeks

- dressing as a cat  and crossing a room full of mouse traps

- getting shot with riot prevention weapons

- going to a store that sells toilets and taking a dump in one of the displays

-  sticking a toy car up your arse and getting x-rayed

The simple answer to if you would like this film or not is simple - do you enjoy the TV show? Yes - then rush out and buy your cinema ticket now. No - then don't. Its really that easy.

Plus if you do watch the film, you'll understand why people tell you not to eat yellow snow.

SCORE 6/10