Not Another Teen Movie

Gross out comedies are now getting to a stage of excess beyond reason. Ever since the success of the Naked Gun movies, spoofs have been flying at us left, right and centre. More recently gross out comedies are not only too many in number but are trying to out-gross each other. This sort of humour worked very well in movies like Animal House and American Pie, but some of the spoof films have taken it too far and ended up with crappy scenarios, lacking in wit and humour. Which nicely describes Not Another Teen Movie. The basic premise is a take on She's All That, but along the way it takes jabs at almost every teen movie made over the last 20 years.

At the John Hughes High School, narcissistic Jake Wyler (Chris Evans - not the UK DJ before anyone asks) is the Popular Jock. Unfortunately he is dumped by his Bitchy Cheerleader Girlfriend (Jamie Pressly) and is challenged to turn the most hopeless girl into the Prom Queen. Is it going to be the blind albino hippy folk singer, the hunchback librarian or the Nerdy Girl Who Is Really Stunningly Gorgeous Under Her Glasses Janey Briggs(Chyler Leigh). So as the Popular Jock woos the school bohemian as part of a It Will End In Tears As The Girl Finds Out About The Bet, But Has Fallen For The Guy And Vice Versa (This must be a new BashTheMonkey Review Method Using Trademarks method.........). Along the way the pair interact with various other high school characters including The Token Black Guy, The Virgin Geek Squad, The White Guys Who Think They Are Black, The Naked Sexy Foreign Exchange Student, Hard-Headed Coach and so on.

Unfortunately Not Another Teen Movie is very dull with very few really good laughs. Joel Gallen, the director, misses the point why films such as Scary Movie work. At least the film makers in the case of Scary Movie expanded upon the source material in imaginative and ridiculous ways, yet managed to keep it funny. With Not Another Teen Movie, Gallen and his FIVE(!) writers merely mimic scenes from better movies and then just tag a fart gag, or a vibrator gag, or gratuitous nudity or some other cheap smut to try and get the laughs. The whole film just lacks the class, humour and talent of other spoofs, the  Airplane! movies for example. Having said that there are some good moments including cameos from Molly Ringwald as a jaded and faded teen queen, Mr T (my hero!) popping up as a motivator (complete with 'A'-Team theme tune) and Paul Gleason making a brilliant cameo, returning as Principal Vernon from The Breakfast Club.

Not Another Teen Movie starts with a bad premise and then bludgeons it to death with a 15" vibrator before dumping a toilet full of crap on it for good measure. It offers little more than a seemingly endless barrage of recycled jokes that are as funny as a self-rectal examination with a rhubarb. Its highly recommended that you watch the trailer - its got all the best bits and is 41 times shorter. I checked - 41 times shorter is definitely better.

SCORE 3/10