The Real Cancun

The standards have definitely fallen since the invention of reality shows. They are the lowest common denominator in the name of entertainment and TV shows that transcend into cinematic releases debase themselves and the audience. Those familiar with the MTV show The Real World will recognise the modus operandi of The Real Cancun.

This allegedly Ďrealí film takes sixteen men and women for a weeks Spring break holiday to Cancun for an orgy of parties and living it up. Thatís about it for any sort of story-line.

Concocted by the two minds behind The Real World, Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray there is nothing of any merit here. They seem to think that the Muppets who become engrossed in the lives of superficial Americans on TV will flock to see even more superficial Americans parade and debase themselves on the silver screen.

The irrelevant sixteen include the usual mix of good-looking guys and loose women. There is only one out of the entire group that seems to have any semblance of decency. Even though these people are supposed to be Ďrealí itís been reveal that they are in fact actors (and desperate ones at that) regardless of how much the film makers swear that they are not.

They are shallow and superficial who are being filmed during boughts of casual sex, amateurish alcoholisms and just plain whinging about life.

There is grainy footage of these morons having sex (but nothing is shown) and the attention seeking Muppets partaking in wet T-shirt contest and the like. However even if the film makers think that sex will sell their film, then why has it been so badly edited that itís a complete waste of time if youíre seeking any sort of titillations.

There is not a single merit to The Real Cancun, not even the beauty of Cancun has been left intact. The poorly filmed scenes hide even that aspect of the location. This is anti-entertainment at its worst Ė totally shallow and pointless.

To prove that the film isnít as real as it masquerades as it claims to be; the cameras that follow the Muppets around are supplemented by standard fixed cameras and seamless editing. Also the situations are perfectly arranged that spontaneity is well and truly thrown out of the window.  Itís just completely senseless and a film that surprisingly is released by New Line Cinemas.

With other films that have transcended to the big screen, such as Jackass: The Movie there is an agenda and although itís meaningless its there to make you laugh. The Real Cancun has no agenda, no charm or charisma, no point and no real reason to have been made. Itís bad filmmaking at its worst. Itís the kind of film that only some sad loner who gets excited by the sight of a fuzzy nipple and one day dreams of being naked with a real woman would enjoy. Donít be that guy and donít encourage this type of film making ever.

SCORE 0/10