Super Troopers

I've said it before and I'll say it again - there's a definitive place for irrelevant humour, not worrying about making sense or being intellectual, just being funny. Super Troopers falls into this category completely. It's inconsequential and very irrelevant, but hits the funny bone at the level of Weekend At Bernie's or Police Academy (by the way neither of those two films are as funny as I remember when watching them as a kid...hmmm).

Written and created by Broken Lizard, a comedy troupe formed in some New England university, Super Troopers is a light-hearted comedy that plays more like a series of sketches tied together with a very loose plot. Firstly lets meet the troopers.

The troopers include; Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar) who is constantly mistaken for either an Arab, Mexican, Indian or some other darker hue race, Farva (Kevin Heffernan) is the fat over zealous idiot, Foster (Paul Soter) is a likeable loser who is infatuated with the pretty deputy who works with the local city cops, Mac (steve Lemme) is the resident nutcase of the bunch and finally Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) as the fresh-faced rookie. These Muppets are led by Captain O'Hagan (Brian Cox adding a touch of class) who is an older version of the troopers themselves.

The film focuses on the rivalry between the State Troopers and the local City Cops. The troopers don't have enough to keep them busy all day to resort to playing pranks on hapless motorists which include saying 'Meow' ten times during booking someone for speeding and the such.

When a body is discovered in a Winnebego van, both the troopers and the cops compete for clues and evidence to try and get one over the other. For the troopers the race is made more desperate as the whole trooper force is on the verge of being shutdown as surplus to requirements. So while a couple of the troopers try to solve the murder and the drug smuggling ring behind it, the rest cause mischief and mayhem to each other, motorists and the City Cops, led in turn by Chief Grady (Daniel vin Bargen).

That's it really. I did warn you that the plot was 'wafer thin'.

However, the film is funny; not all the jokes hit the mark, but a lot do. The relationship and constant goading between the troopers contains some of the funniest aspects. Also it was nice to see a comedy film that doesn't try to rip off the gross-out humour of other recent comedies.

Jay Chandrasekhar, who plays Thorny, also directed Super Troopers and has given himself the best lines! The rest of the cast, including Brian Cox and Daniel vin Bargen, are just having a laugh and seem to be enjoying themselves. A lot of the film looks improvised and adds to the humour.

Obviously Super Troopers will not appeal to everyone and it probably helps to be a stoner to watch it, but it hits the funny bone enough times to be enjoyable. It's the kind of film that you slap on late one evening and giggle with a bunch of stoner mates. Broken Lizard do show a lot of potential, they just need to harness their skills a little better.

SCORE 6/10