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As a small child ( sound of slow music, ideal for reminiscing ) I spent almost every Saturday at the Drake Cinema in Plymouth (sadly now closed) watching afternoon matinees, sometimes two a day (helps if your Dad is friends with the manager). I watched all the classics such as Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Star Wars and Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger, and as a result I am addicted to movies. Ah, movies! Where would we be without them? Probably doing something more fruitful.

Therefore, utilising the left side of my brain (or was it the right side?), I have slapped up a few movie reviews to entertain, titillate and generally confuse. All the reviews are rated with the good old fashioned, time approved 1-10 scale. Plus some might get the highly prestigious honour of one of the following two symbols - the 'spankingly good movie' or the 'bad banana' awards. Avoid the latter at all costs!


Remember, don't be a stranger, new updates are posted every few days. Also, please feel free to send in reviews. Anyways, without further ado, on with the reviews.

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   28 Days Later  

   2 Fast 2 Furious  

   40 Days And 40 Nights  

   51st State  

   8 Mile  

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   A Man Apart  

   About A Boy  

   About Schmidt  

   Adventures Of Pluto Nash, The  

   After The Sunset  

   Agent Cody Banks  


   Ali G Indahouse  

   A v P: Aliens Versus Predator  

   American Wedding  

   Anger Management  

   Around The World In 80 Days  

   Austin Powers In Goldmember  

    Avenging Angelo  

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   Bad Boys 2  

   Bad Company  

   Baise Moi  

   Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever  

   Bandits, The  

   Barbershop, The  

   Battle Royale  

   Behind Enemy Lines  

   Biker Boyz  


   Black Hawk Down  

   Black Knight, The  

   Blade II  

   Blade: Trinity  

   Blair Witch Project, The  

   Boat Trip  

   Bourne Identity, The  

   Bowling For Columbine  

   Bringing Down The House  

   Brotherhood Of The Wolf, The  

   Bruce Almighty  

   Bulletproof Monk  

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   Cat in the Hat, The  

   Catch Me If You Can  


   Changing Lanes  

   Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle  


   Chronicles of Riddick, The  


   Collateral Damage  

   Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind  

   Count Of Monte Cristo, The  

   Country Bears, The  

   Cradle 2 the Grave  

   Crocodile Hunter : Collision Course  

   Crop Circles: Quest for Truth  

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   Daddy Day Care  


   Death To Smoochy  

   Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star  

   Die Another Day  

   Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story  

   Dog Soldiers  


   Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Meet Lloyd  

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   Eight Legged Freaks  



   Extreme Ops  

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   Fahrenheit 9/11  

   Freddy Got Fingered  

   Final Destination 2  

   Finding Nemo  

   From Hell  

   Four Feathers, The  

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   Gangs Of New York, The  

   Guru, The  

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   Half Past Dead  

   Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets  

   Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone  

   Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban  

   Haunted Mansion, The  

   Head of State


   Hero (Ying xiong)


   Hollywood Homocide

   Hot Chick, The


   Hunted, The

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   I, Robot  

   I Spy  

   Ice Age  

   Importance Of Being Earnest, The  


   Intolerable Cruelty  

   Italian Job, The (2003)  

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   Jackass : The Movie  

   Jamie Foxx : I Might Need Security  

   Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back  

   Johnny English  

   Jungle Book 2, The  

   Juwanna Man  

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   Kangaroo Jack  

   Kate And Leopold  

   Kill Bill: Volume One  

   Kill Bill: Volume Two  

   Kiss Of The Dragon  

   Kung Pow  

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   Lara Croft : Tomb Raider  

   Lara Croft : Tomb Raider : Cradle Of Life  

   Last Samurai, The  

   League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The  

   Lilo And Stitch  

   Lord Of The Rings, The : The Fellowship of the Ring  

   Lord Of The Rings, The : The Two Towers  

   Lord Of The Rings, The : The Return of the King  

   Lost In Translation  

   Love Actually  

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     Maid In Manhattan 

     Man On Fire 

     Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 

     Master of Disguise, The 

   Matrix Reloaded, The 

   Matrix Revolutions, The 

   Mean Machine  

   Men In Black II 

   Medallion, The 

   Minority Report 

   Monsters Inc  

   Mr Deeds  

   My Big Fat Greek Wedding  

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   National Security  

   New Guy, The  

   Not Another Teen Movie  

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   Oceans 11  

  Old School  

  Once Upon A Time In Mexico  

  Once Upon A Time In The Midlands  

   One, The  

  One Hour Photo  

   Osmosis Jones  

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   Panic Room  

   Passion Of The Christ, The  

   Phone Booth  

   Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl  

   Pitch Black  

   Pootie Tang  

   Punisher, The  

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   Road to Perdition, The  

   Rat Race  

   Real Cancun, The  

   Recruit, The  

   Red Dragon  

   Reign of Fire  

  Resident Evil 

  Royal Tenenbaums, The  

  Rundown, The  

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  Scary Movie 3 

  School of Rock 

  Scooby Doo 

   Scorpion King, The   

   Series 7 : The Contender  

    Serving Sara   

  Shallow Hal   

  Shanghai Knights   

  Shaolin Soccer   

  Shaun Of The Dead   

  Shrek 2   





   Spiderman 2 

   Spirit: Stallion of The Cimarron 

   Star Trek: Nemesis 

   Star Wars: Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones  

   Starsky And Hutch  

   Stealing Harvard  

   Stuart Little 2 

   Sum of All Fears, The 

   Super Troopers 


   Sweetest Thing, The 

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   Tears of the Sun 

   Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 

   Time Machine, The 

   Training Day  

   Transporter, The 

   Treasure Planet 


   Tuxedo, The 

   Two Weeks Notice 

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   Undercover Brother 



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   Van Helsing 

   Van Wilder : Party Liaison 

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   We Were Soldiers  

   Welcome To Collinwood  

   What's The Worst That Could Happen?  


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   X-Men 2 


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Note: for those looking for the clue for the movie quiz, try the red full stop in the second paragraph - but use as a last resort only!